COVID-19 workplace guidelines

9 Workplace Guidelines to be Followed Post Covid-19

Since the time the Covid-19 virus has totally blown up the world, most of the countries have gone to lockdown for months. As a result, all the offices and workplaces have been suspended since then which in turn has affected the global economy at large. All the sectors of the world and in every major nations, the deadly virus has created a havoc creating a long-lasting impact that might take years to recover. As the scientists from the entire world has been working hard to find out a vaccine for preventing the virus, life needs to go on and cannot stand still.

The life before the outbreak of Covid-19 was different and the one post Covid-19 will be totally different. Already, the World Health Organization has issued some Post COVID-19 workplace guidelines to be followed to help in preventing the virus and also to make things work at the same time.

Every company have to go through drastic changes to adapt to the new trends at the workplaces once the lockdown gets lifted. With the implementation of new strategies, the workplaces should maintain the norm of social distancing and sanitization in coping up with the virus attack at large.

Prevention and Guidelines to Prevent Covid-19 in the Workplace-

  • Create Awareness: Sharing proper knowledge about Covid-19 with the employees and keeping them well-informed about the symptoms and precautions that are to be undertaken
  • Limited Employees: Encouraging limited office workers and more remote Work so as to maintain social distancing and prevent the risk of the virus spread. You can also start daily shift for workers and promote partial virtual working.
  • Workplace Hygiene: Maintain Workplace hygiene and keep it clean. Disinfect the office objects regularly and keep it dust free. Also sanitize the office premises if possible. Keep sanitizers, tissues and soaps at the prominent areas of the office and make them available for the employees.
  • Encourage Frequent Handwashing: Recommend your employees to wash hands frequently with soaps specially after arriving at office and after using washrooms.
  • Issue Thermal Checking: To measure and check out the employee temperature, issue Thermal Checking at the entrance of the office. Checking out the temperature is an essential part of associated symptoms of COVID-19.
  • Maintain Social Distance: Maintain proper social distancing in the office premises. To implement social distancing, limiting employees at Workplace is highly essential. Place the desks at least six feet apart. The physical contact brings in high risk for contracting the virus. Therefore, maintain considerable distance and also avoid shaking hands and other physical activities for greetings.
  • Initiate Contact Tracking : Initiate contact tracking and help in isolating the ones who come in contact with a probable Covid 19 positive patient.
  • Promote Respiratory Hygiene: Promoting good respiratory Hygiene¬† in the Workplace is highly essential right now. Ensure proper facial masks and tissues for the employees suffering from runny nose or cough and cold. If possible, suggest them remote work for sometime. Also, ensure safe disposal of such masks and tissues at the Workplace premises.
  • Develop Plans for Covid-19: Develop plans for the Covid-19 and assist in preparing for the possible outbreak. Employ separate Human Resource department to look into the matter and implement proper strategies and plans to deploy for a sudden outbreak at the business places. Make sure to shed importance to the Mental Health of the employees.

Health and safety of the employees are the most important thing about any organization. As it is said, Prevention is better than Cure, every management should immediately take precautionary measures and implement them accordingly so as to help in preventing the virus outbreak at the workplace and survive this global emergency. To mitigate the risk, the above mentioned guidelines followed by other necessary measures should be adopted by every organization of the country and if required, undertake extra precautions to ensure safety of the company workers. The world post Covid-19 is much different from the one we used to live. Extra caution and workplace guidelines are the utmost need of the hour.

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