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Recruitment Challenges Faced by The Recruiting Agencies in Worldwide

The global pandemic led by the deadly virus of COVID-19 has been impacting not only a certain sector, but the entire world as a whole. Every industry and sector in the world has been affected somehow or the other by the virus. With the situation rapidly changing all over the world, India has been treading the same path. With the stagnant economy, low GDP, unemployment is on the rise. The recruitment all over the country and the world has been affected as a result of it. With the new world which is now called post Covid-19 era, is totally different than the one before it. With innumerable challenges faced by every sector in the country, the Recruitment Agencies in Kolkata and other states have been dealing with innumerable challenges. However, with the emergence of the new world, people are struggling to adapt to the new life along with the effect of COVID-19. […]

COVID-19 workplace guidelines

9 Workplace Guidelines to be Followed Post Covid-19

Since the time the Covid-19 virus has totally blown up the world, most of the countries have gone to lockdown for months. As a result, all the offices and workplaces have been suspended since then which in turn has affected the global economy at large. All the sectors of the world and in every major nations, the deadly virus has created a havoc creating a long-lasting impact that might take years to recover. As the scientists from the entire world has been working hard to find out a vaccine for preventing the virus, life needs to go on and cannot stand still. […]

Recruitment Industry

Does the Start-Up Recruiting Companies Earn Profits in the Initial Period or in the Long Term?

The Recruitment Industry is one of the fastest growing industries both globally as well as in India. In 2018,the market size of the recruitment Industry was around 148.1 billion US dollars and is likely to increase to more than 157 billion US dollars by 2020. As a result, more start-up companies are initiating their journey in this particular industry. Starting a career in the recruiting industry is both challenging and Profitable. Specially during this period when the market is fast expanding its foot in every sphere. […]

What’s the Effects of New Proclamation of the USA Immigration Visa to combat Covid-19

The sudden arrival of a global pandemic of Covid-19 has been affecting the entire World and disrupting the complete economy that is already leaving a deep hole in the lives of the people and is also going to impact all the countries in the coming months. The United States of America is leading the list of the Worsley hit countries by COVID-19, followed by Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom. According to the present data, nearly 9,87,160 people have been affected by the virus and claimed more than 55,000 lives in the United States. […]

Impact of COVID-19 on the IT Recruitment Industry and Post Pandemic Scenario

At the present, the entire world  is  witnessing and vehemently struggling with  COVID-19, a pandemic creating havoc and that has  already affected around 24 lakhs people  worldwide and nearly  a lakh deceased. Major countries  like the United States of America,  The United Kingdom,  France,  Italy, Spain all have been severely  affected in every possible way and has been majorly hit in the economic system. India too have been treading the same  path with no such positive  impact  even after the second  lock down from 15th April 2020 as the positive cases are rising at an alarming rate daily. […]

To be Informed or Panic about CoronaVirus?

Since the last few weeks, the entire world has been terrified about the recent Corona Virus or COVID- 19 outbreak. With the growing number of cases each day, the disease has affected 166 countries and territories so far. The first case was registered in December 2019 in Wuhan, China, the center of the disease and till now, according to the official reports, 198,716 cases have been registered worldwide. The World Health Organization (WHO) had announced it as a global health emergency in January and with the present seriousness of the situation taking a toll on the entire world, it has described COVID-19 as a Pandemic. […]

IT recruitment company

5 Challenges Faced by The Best IT Recruitment Companies

Are you a recruiter?

Do you have an IT recruiting consultancy?

Is your IT recruitment company, one of the best in the town and yet you have been facing various challenges? Well, for a matter of fact, recruiters face innumerable challenges each day. With the growing market of the recruiting industry, competition is gaining new heights. As a result, the recruiters have been facing new issues each day.  However, one of the greatest skills that a recruiter must possess is problem-solving ability. No matter, how much the challenges and struggles are, a recruiter must be able to face them with their invincible skill and problem-solving attitude. […]

IT staffing agencies in India

7 Tips to Build a Resume for Staffing Agencies

Are you interested in building your career in the Staffing or the Business consulting industries?

Is your resume bringing you interview calls?

The industry of staffing agencies is a bit different from conventional jobs. The IT Staffing Agency in India and abroad have different requirements for hiring an employee. The resume is one of the most important things which helps you to land a job offer. It is the first major step that takes you to the next level of the recruitment process.

But often, most of the candidates fail in this very first step due to the inability to draft a proper resume as per the industry standards. […]

Manpower Agency

7 Tips for Landing a Job through a Manpower Agency

Have you been thinking about landing a job with help from a Manpower Agency?

But, how much are you aware of Manpower Agencies and seeking a job through them?
Manpower Agency is also known as the Staffing Agency or the employment agency which helps in bridging the gap between the people seeking jobs and the employers seeking skilled employees. These agencies have specialized manpower who helps in providing an array of services to the businesses of the clients. While some agencies specialize in IT Recruitment, other agencies focus on general recruitment services or executive services. […]

IT recruitment consultant

Fundamental Skills Required to be an IT Recruitment Consultant

Are You considering your career in Recruitment?

Thinking if you have the skills to be an IT recruitment consultant in this era driven by technologies?

If Yes, this is exactly where you need to be. As more people are considering the field of the recruiting to be explored, the career prospect of the respective area is on the growth. The job of an IT recruitment consultant is not easy. It involves a lot of challenges and competition, strategies and patience to achieve the desired goal in this field. However, it is also true that the industry is also rewarding and high paced. […]