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finance and insurance

Finance & Insurance

The industry of financial services or the companies in the said domain are into the business of managing money, lending, investing and security insurances such as the Banks, Credit card issuers, insurance companies, investment bankers, security traders, and others. As a result of these, it becomes difficult to acquire the proper knowledge of the financial industry. Therefore, a Finance and Insurance Manager is required for the purpose.

With the assistance from the Norlox Solutions, interested companies can now have the best suited financial solutions that will guide you through your financial struggles even in the worst of days. The expert Finance & Insurance brokers from our service, assists you with the best customized financial plan.

Healthcare & Clinical

Norlox Solutions is not behind in offering the services suited for the healthcare industry. The Pharmaceutical industry is one of the most important national markets of the present world, and our organization has successfully set its foot in providing support to the healthcare Clinical decision. Our company aids the population by providing the best possible healthcare plan and solutions which ensures the increase and proper growth of the industry.

Healthcare is an utmost crucial aspect and rarely hat we would find it not making up to the news. We work with healthcare companies to bring better value for patients, fuel innovation and drive out cost and complexity involved. Our team of professionals involved in the field brings a diverse and deep experience to every healthcare engagement.

healthcare and clinical
information technology

Information Technology

The services offered by Information Technology involve computing developments that is used for data management like collecting, saving and processing every information. On the recent times, almost all the industries are under the pressure of improving the productivity of the business with limited resources thereby reducing the expenses through finance management.

Norlox Solutions as one of the leading companies offering the Information Technology services enables a business to maintain the expenses by offering new services and collective customer satisfaction. A large quantity of information is required to be managed in almost every company of the global market. The services offered by Norlox Solutions assists such companies with the creation of information as well as exchanging information in return.

Logistics & Supply Chain

An array of actions is required in order to plan, execute and manage a product from the very initial stage. Logistics and Supply Chain Management involves a lot of strategies, management, smooth functioning and cost effective ways of a product or service from the beginning stage of raw material to the final stage of delivery. The Logistics involves a part of the Supply chain with planning, implementing and supervising of the depositing goods and services, the associated information from the source to consumption.

Norlox Solutions in this respect provides you with the best services of the Logistics and Supply Chain along with efficient product management so as to make sure a smooth process all throughout from its manufacturing till its delivery. Why wait? Receive the best Logistics & Supply management service from us.

logistics and supply chain


Manufacturing is one of the crucial processes involved in the business industry as it converts raw materials into finished products so as to sell them in the marketplace.

We at Norlox Solutions provide you with the Manufacturing services in the industry that’ll benefit you to present the best products in a cost effective budget to your clients. We looks after the exact needs of the customers. For enabling a smooth functioning of this area of the industry, it has supported with manufacturing software and manufacturing manager safeguarding a perfect execution of the process.


The Engineering industry largely deals with the design and manufacturing of machines or devices and comprises of sectors like civil, mechanical, electrical, industrial and chemical. Due to the number of sectors involved in this field, it is obvious that there is an innumerable requirement in the field of engineering. With the most experienced people to execute the Engineering design process, Norlox Solutions has also stepped into this field offering the best possible services to its clients.

Mechanical and electronics engineering fields possess the requirement of many modern technologies and innovative techniques and ideas to flourish. Norlox has efficient customized engineering and technology consulting services that enables you to compete with other competitors of the same industry and attain milestones on the process.

travel, transportation and Hospitality

Travel, Transportation & Hospitality

For the industry of travel, Transportation and Hospitality, Norlox Solutions too has the perfect services to manage the entire process. The organization ensures management of the digital commotion, consolidation and transformation of the industry while distributing fresh services to the clients. Connected transportation solutions offer companies a means to replace aging infrastructure, develop differentiated new services and deliver services that delight travelers.

We have been working with over 50 clients worldwide from the sectors of travel, transportation and hospitality. We offer you with the solutions that would help you increase the revenue, distinguish the services, and provide an upsurge in capacity at the time of providing a smooth customer experience.

Consumer Industries & Retail

Consumer Industries and Retail clients are competing to get accustomed to the new trends in the markets and consumer habits that are changing at a fast rate. The Digital technologies are offering new opportunities to the business to build brands, conceptualizing of the innovative products, efficient channel management, and a perfect delivery as per the consumer demand so that it enables them to return for more experiences.

Our company leverages these technologies in order to help your company flourish in a time of persistent changes and increasing consumer expectations. We have been assisting our clients in developing the new marketing value model through several channels where the goods, services and experiences are sold out.

consumer tndustries and retail
technology, media and entertainment, telecommunications

Technology, Media & Entertainment, Telecommunications

With the ongoing digitalized world, Digital technologies continue to originate shifts in markets and customer expectations and in the way products are developed and delivered. The digital revolution regularly impact change in the essential core processes of the business.

We at Norlox Solutions can help you with several services, from alteration of your business, redefining the customer experience and capitalizing on digital union to launching of new business models rapidly. The clients of Technology, Media & Entertainment, Telecommunications of Norlox Solutions understand the impact of digital disruption and its potential of being better than anyone.

Aerospace & Defense

Digitalized technology is the keynote to transform business in the present world and the Aerospace and Defense clients are treading the same path. Merging the digital and physical world enables in time reduction to market, gain an insight from the data and derive benefits from the digital technologies.

Norlox helps the companies manufactured by the global aerospace implement and assimilate new technologies and then deploy them at large, thereby finding innovative methods to flourish in the digitalized world.

aerospace and defense
energy utilities oil and gas

Energy, Utilities, Oil & Gas

The Digital technologies offer the firms an opportunity to rapidly build up new products, improve the safety of the workers and also preserve the complex infrastructure. For acquiring better results with the recent changes in technology and economy, the electric utilities require additional issues than just the routine technology investments.

The Energy, Utilities, Oil & Gas oriented clients of Norlox Solutions are utilizing the digital technologies in order to meet the increasing demand of the energy in the world. Our Technology comes with several benefits, as it helps you to accelerate the incorporation of operational and information technology to improve the company productivity, cut down interruption and bring in new revenue opportunities.

Life Sciences

The digitally driven technologies offer the organizations of life sciences with the required tools needed for speeding up the innovation and lessen the time required to market for the new analyses and devices.

The Life Sciences clients of Norlox Solutions are following an innovative, transformative path to bring out better health results.

With an emphasis on the business automation of the next generation and monitoring digitalization of content, our professional experts have shown improvement in the swiftness of business and operational efficiency. We at Norlox Solutions help you to achieve competitive advantage through innovative business process digitization and intensive outsourcing.

life sciences

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