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The global pandemic led by the deadly virus of COVID-19 has been impacting not only a certain sector, but the entire world as a whole. Every industry and sector in the world has been affected somehow or the other by the virus. With the situation rapidly changing all over the world, India has been treading the same path. With the stagnant economy, low GDP, unemployment is on the rise. The recruitment all over the country and the world has been affected as a result of it. With the new world which is now called post Covid-19 era, is totally different than the one before it. With innumerable challenges faced by every sector in the country, the Recruitment Agencies in Kolkata and other states have been dealing with innumerable challenges. However, with the emergence of the new world, people are struggling to adapt to the new life along with the effect of COVID-19.

All the organizations are facing innumerable issues in making decisions about how to adapt and survive this drastic change almost overnight, and so do the hiring practices. With the new guidelines and norms set for the organizations to operate, employers and employees would witness a totally different and a new world henceforth. The corona virus has in fact brought about changes in the process of recruitment and the recruiting agencies have been facing different challenges due to this. Let’s see what are the challenges that the recruitment sector of the country has been facing and how to adapt to these challenges with effective measures.

Major Challenges and Rising Tends in the Recruitment Industry Amidst COVID-19

While the majority of the industries have faced the alarming effect of the deadly virus which has led to a high unemployment rate, there are industries which have witnessed sudden increase in the demand for employees. Other organizations had no other option than shutting down their business.

This article explores the major challenges faced by the recruitment industry in the wake of covid-19.

Challenge 1: Mass Firing:

With the pandemic hitting hard all over the world, and implementation of the lockdown to prevent the contraction of the virus, the entire economy had been stagnant. As a result, businesses are running out of resources, work and even finances. Many organizations had to shut down, thereby, leaving a lot of unemployed people behind. While, other organizations layed of many employees at once which would not affect their business as such.

The major impact of unemployment and economic impact is felt in the industries like Travel and Tourism, Hospitality, Hotels and restaurants. The hiring has been freeze by other organizations which can afford to go on for the next few months and the mass layoff is on rise.

As a result, the recruiting agencies which were recruiting for these industries would get a setback. The Recruiting Agencies however, can utilize this challenge properly by getting hold of the top and the best candidates of the concerned industry. Therefore, search and contact such candidates immediately and help them get a job as per their skill and knowledge.

However, with this growing issue with unemployment, you can also support it by offering jobs for night shift and not just day shift jobs. Candidates with the utmost need of jobs would be willing to work remote even at night shifts.

Challenges 2: Reduction of Hiring Cost:

A major challenge that the Recruiting Agencies in Kolkata and around the world are facing right now is the reduction in the hiring cost. A number of organizations are now shifting to the in house recruitment process than the recruitment agencies. While other organizations are cutting down their cost on the recruitment process.

However, instead of panicking, keep calm and take necessary measures to reduce your hiring expenses as well. You can cancel the different recruitment technology services that you use. It is mainly because in case you cannot afford these tech stacks, you better cancel them. Instead, stick to one tool which helps you with the process in a simple and fast way.

Challenges 3: Stuck Onboard Process:

There has been another struggle which the recruitment industry has been facing. It is regarding the organizations who have been facing the challenges of taking the new employees onboard. There have been candidates who are stuck between layoffs and joining into a new company. They are not able to join the new company and have already left their previous jobs. Hence, basically they are unemployed at the moment. There are some people who have already received the job offer but now many organizations do not possess the same financial resources to offer to the new employees.

However, this can be sorted somewhat with proper measures. Instead of waiting for the things to get normalized, you can start with the remote work process. Provide the new employees with the work materials online and help them to start with their works.

Challenges 4: Digitization of Work Process:

Added to all the above mentioned struggles, the recruitment industry has been facing at the moment, remote work is also an issue. With the alarming rise in the number of positive cases in India, USA and all around the world, there is no guarantee about when things will go back to normal. Ever Since, this issue of virus outbreak, technology has been serving every sector in every possible way and more people are getting digitized. As a recruiter, if you want to survive this difficult time, it is important to shift into technology for the entire recruitment process. It would be difficult to interview remotely which till now have been done in person. However, to survive the present crisis, the entire process needed to be adapted through technology.

The recruitment process should be digitized with the help of various technologies. It would help in every possible way. Opt for this opportunity and explore the areas in the recruitment process which you can digitalis.

Challenges 5: Mass Recruitment:

Just like few industries which have been facing high layoff rates and unemployment issues, there are certain sectors which have been witnessing a surge in recruitment demand. The industries of healthcare facilities and manufacturers, online education organizations, online groceries and delivery services. Therefore, to cater to this sudden increased demand of employees from these sectors, you have to face the challenge of seeking candidates from the same industry in bulk.

Although these challenges seem to be a huge struggle, however, if these are utilized properly, the effect of pandemic can be seen as a silver lining. Instead of succumbing to the rising problems, take necessary measures and turn the challenges into opportunities for a new change.

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