What’s the Effects of New Proclamation of the USA Immigration Visa to combat Covid-19

The sudden arrival of a global pandemic of Covid-19 has been affecting the entire World and disrupting the complete economy that is already leaving a deep hole in the lives of the people and is also going to impact all the countries in the coming months. The United States of America is leading the list of the Worsley hit countries by COVID-19, followed by Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom. According to the present data, nearly 9,87,160 people have been affected by the virus and claimed more than 55,000 lives in the United States.

Since the entire livelihood of the US people has being totally disrupted by the Novel Corona Virus as it is the most affected country by the deadly virus, the economy has trodden a total downfall with the unemployment rate hitting the maximum level. As per the data revealed by the White House, 22 million people and more have registered for unemployment within the days of National Emergency declared by the US on 13th March and 11th April 2020. To cop up with the national economic issues and specially the high unemployment problem that has created decrease demand of labor, while outnumbered labor supply, the US President gave out a proclamation on 22nd April 2020 thereby bringing limitations to the USA immigration Visas.

The newly made immigration rules by the latest US Proclamation prevents foreign nationals from permanent visit to the United States for the next 60 days. As a result, the Green Card or the immigrant visas would not be granted or help any foreigner for permanent arrivals in the country for the span of 2 months since the day of Proclamation.

Who Are To Be Affected ?

You might be wondering what this new Proclamation brings in and who are going to be mostly affected by this ban on the Immigration visas of the United States of America? Are the ones seeking for a temporary visit for studies or works also come under this Proclamation?

Well, this latest ban is mainly applicable to the ones seeking an immigration or a permanent arrival status at the US.  As per the effective Proclamation from 23rd April, 2020, the immigrants have to meet certain requirements in order to be subjected to the Proclamation. The following are the requirements:-

  • People who are not in the United States on the date of the effective Proclamation
  • People who do not possess any official documents regarding travel except the visa that allows the person to enter the United States of America. However, this travel documents might be valid on and since the effective date of the Proclamation
  • People who do not possess an immigrant visa valid on the Proclamation date

Apart from the section 2 of the Proclamation that made the bakve mentioned criteria, there are other sections that are to be affected. The ones who are already the immigrants based on employment but are unable to adapt to the status of the country will also be prohibited from seeking the permanent residence or the Green Card at the United States. However, if such people are in the category of the EB-5 Immigrant Investors or into the Healthcare industry and perform researches to enable  Combating the deadly virus of Covid-19, accompanied by their spouse, unmarried children or their children under 21 years of age, they would be qualified for the residency. It will also exempt the ones presently with the Immigrant visas at the States

Are the People with Non-Immigrant Visas to be Affected?

Although, the new Proclamation on the USA immigration as revised by Donald Trump due to the havoc cretaed by COVID-19 is going to affect the people with the immigration visas from the date of Proclamation but, it will not going to much affect the ones with the non immigrant visas. Therefore the non immigrant visa holders such as the H-1B, B-1, B-2 or TN visas that are used for the temporary visit to the country for the purpose of work or studies are safe from this latest Proclamation. But after 30 days from the Proclamation made, there might be some modifications in the non Immigrant visas.

The Effect of the New Proclamation on other Countries

The latest Proclamation on the visas are only applicable for the ones seeking Immigrant visas from other parts of the world to the United States of America. The ones who will bear the primary effects are the foreign nationals seeking Immigrant visas for employment, which permits the status of LPR to the ones planning for jobs based on skills and specialization. Infact, this Proclamation also bans the visa allowance of a people from many countries that Trump had earlier targetted and put restrictions on. As per the Migration Policy Institute of Washington, this latest Proclamation is mostly to block almost 20,000 applicants from applying green cards each month.

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